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Marketing and Advertising

I believe that the right words sell. Today, finding these words is more important than ever.


I am a former copywriter from Ogilvy —a top-tier New York based ad agency. A knack for writing engaging copy helps me make effective, purpose driven communications that invoke action while capturing a brand’s unique voice. Great copy is more than alliterations and pretty words—it's steeped in effective marketing techniques and clear strategic aims. Be it creating digital activations, tag-lines and launch campaigns or refreshing your online presence on various platforms— I often find the right balance between catering to reason and emotion.


Getting a business going is no cakewalk. You may have a great product or service but if it's not sold in the right way, at the right place, then it might as well be as good as nothing. My background in Economics has equipped me with an expertise in competitor analysis, markets, and financial modelling. This helps me determine where to lead a marketing campaign and judge its viability objectively.


Having worked with clients that include globally reputed, billion-dollar brands, my writing and strategy inputs will change your business for the better and give you the edge you need over your competitors. You could say that I tend to under promise, or rather, that I over-deliver.


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