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Marketing Strategist,

Writer and Entrepreneur

I write adverts, stories and music. I am also Founding Editor of an art and literature magazine and this is where you'll find a mix of all that I do.



Great copywriting is more than alliterations and pretty words—it's steeped in effective marketing techniques and clear strategic aims. Be it TV commercials or print-ads, a knack for pithy writing helps me deliver effective, purpose driven communications that invoke action while capturing a brand’s unique voice. To give direction to my creative output, my background in Economics helps ensure tangible ROIs in branded work.
I've been published in various magazines, podcasts and journals, and my pieces range from classical music reviews to travel writing and Op-Eds. I'm also the Founding Editor of a first-of-its-kind literary magazine called ALMA, have created bespoke content for alternative education firms and executed personality development modules.
Being a part of the South-East Asian community and having created communications for various audiences, I am fascinated by inclusion and diversity in creative output for brands. I enjoy reading fiction— Camus, Wodehouse, Murakami and Vikram Seth are some of my favourites. I play jazz piano for pleasure and never get tired of listening to music. 



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I hired Yuvraj to work on a complex brief which required very specific wording and tone. Yuvraj took the time to understand the essence of the project and understand what UNL studios were trying to achieve within the proof. Id like to thank him greatly for the work completed.


Send me a detailed message about your project and let's get started!!

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